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What do you get with Team Troponin?

What do you get with Team Troponin?  With new content added daily, the better question is what don't you get? 

Educational content on nutrition, training, supplements & PEDs, PT & Rehab, and More

  • Cutting edge information added daily.

Training & Contests prep logs

  • Follow along in real time as the Team Troponin experts prep for competition.

Weekly Roundtable Discussions

  • Each week the Team Troponin experts hold a round table discussion exclusive to Team Troponin members.

Example "peak week" protocols for bodybuilding and the physique sports, MMA, and Powerlifting

  • Learn what the pros really do the final week!

Guest content from Troponin Nutrition and 1st Detachment Nutrition athletes

  • See exclusive training footage and articles from top athletes.

Team Troponin is divided into 5 primary categories to help you better parse through the massive backlog of information.

Nutrition Section

  • Educational videos, articles, research papers, and blogs.

Training Section

  • Educational content on training for hypertrophy, strength, and performance.

  • Training logs and contest prep footage in real time.

Supplements & PEDs

  • Educational videos and articles on the proper use and the mechanism of action for anything supplemental to training and diet.

PT & Rehab

  • Educational content on physical therapy, prehab, and rehab.

  • Real world examples on how to properly prepare yourself for training, minimize injury, and rapidly recover from injuries.


  • As questions and our Team Troponin experts will cover them in an article, video, or roundtable discussion.